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We are living tough times for events, with the current context meaning most social gatherings are cancelled. This can impact your business in many ways, even if you were just attending or getting more involved with speaking, sponsoring, exhibiting or even organising.

You may find your lead generation, brand awareness and sales objectives are a bit in the air now, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re not even talking about the “do a virtual event” strategy, but about all the other channels you can activate now.

In the 30-45 minute session, we’ll aim to:

  • understand your current context and marketing objectives
  • get a brief insight into your current marketing channels
  • propose ways to optimise your communication and marketing strategy to generate new leads and nurture existing ones
  • offer recommendations of new channels you can include in the mix

We will come prepared to the meeting, so you get the most out of your time with us, which is why we will be doing research and we’ll rely on you to help with any pre-meeting questions that can help build a picture about your business.

At the end, you should have fresh ideas of channels, content and activities that can help you reach your business objectives, both paid and free.

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We are experienced in working with B2B clients, mostly in the education and tech industries.

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