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Browse our case studies in lead generation (for a B2B educational client), audience acquisition (for a tech event) and lead nurturing (for an educational client).

Case study - Lead generation (B2B education)

We worked with an educational client in the B2B space to increase leads by 25% for their leadership courses during the pandemic period. Our objective was to generate 25 students for each of the 2 mini MBA groups and 20 students for the MBA group, covering one year of intake.

Case study - Audience acquisition (tech event)

A major tech company wanted to increase its reach to decision makers for data & analytics solutions. Their main objective was to position the tech provider as a thought leader in the industry and start building relationships with key accounts.

Case study - Lead nurturing (education)

An educational consultancy reached out to get help on engaging specific audiences. Their marketing efforts helped them reach 40,000+ leads in an academic year, but in order to keep acquisition cost down, the marketing and call center team were focused on leads that could be converted quickly.