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Online marketing events in 2021

This time last year the pandemic was still something new, that we were starting to discuss. We didn’t think it was something too serious. We were still travelling for events and didn’t think that will change as fast as it did. Ah well, we’ve adapted and our businesses survived, one way or the other. We’ve […]

5 easy tips to get more leads in 2021

I was recently looking at a post of 2021 lead generation statistics. And it said 61% of marketers think their #1 challenge is lead generation. What is this, Groundhog Day? Doesn’t that happen every year? To be fair, I was too lazy to check, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same conversation every year – […]

2020 in numbers

If we had to look back at 2020 in terms of social media relationship statuses, it would tick the “it’s complicated box”. Imagine being an events agency in a time where live events are no longer possible, all across the world. Luckily, clients (and us) have rapidly pivoted to online events and enhanced digital activity. […]

Beginner’s guide: build customer personas with no data

Sometimes, the big companies have it good, don’t they? They have the data, the money and the resources to do what they want. Inevitably, at some point in your marketing life, you end up envying them. There they are doing it all while you have to base your decisions on hunch rather than historical data. […]

15 data sources for marketers

Data is important for marketers. Here are top 15 data sources and KPIs you should be tracking: Speaking of KPIs, we’ve also launched The B2B marketing budget template, which can help you identify top performing channels for lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion. Fill in the form below and we’ll send it you via email:

The best content marketing strategy for events in just 5 steps

Events are a big part of the marketing strategy, helping fulfil objectives of lead generation, lead nurturing, conversions and advocacy (so across all stages of the marketing funnel). They can inform, engage, entertain, activate and wow audiences, giving them the chance to interact with brands in unique ways. I believe events can be compared to […]

The lead funnel – steps, tactics and CTAs

There’s a lot of talk about the differences (and similarities) between B2B and B2C marketing. Some say the tactics differ greatly, others say that in the end you sell to people, so B2B isn’t that different to B2C. Regardless if you’re camp different or camp similar, both marketing strategies include something known as a lead […]

10 questions to get more leads from your events

The events world has changed a lot in the past year. Whilst in 2019, marketers were planning to increase their budgets for live events (according to Bizzabo), in 2020 we had to switch to virtual events. This has meant us, event planners, have had to adapt to new formats and ways of interactions, but still […]

How to set up a lead nurturing strategy that delivers

TL, DR? I’m presenting a lead nurturing strategy that takes you through these steps: Analyse current lead flows Map your assets and build new ones Automate what can be automated Use a multi-channel approach Tailor the steps in the flow on previous engagement Monitor, report and redo If you’re like most marketing teams I’ve talked […]