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We’re an events & digital marketing agency of data driven freelancers working to increase the number of leads, event attendees and revenue, primarily in tech and education industries.

As a B2B marketing agency working with freelancers, we have a bigger flexibility in quickly picking up projects and being more cost efficient than standard agencies on the basis of using resources only when needed. The specialists we work with have been tested on several successful projects, so we ensure you only get the best help, that can help you reach your objectives.

How can we help?

  1. 1. Are you trying to engage with new audiences and don’t have the know how? We create and engage communities that will become your future clients.
  2. 2. Is your marketing team maxed-out? We complement their efforts by using new channels your team may be too busy to work on or nurturing targets to deliver sales qualified leads.
  3. 3. Is your sales team struggling to deliver targets? We generate fresh, sales-ready leads and help develop a system that highlights the low hanging fruit and optimises your efforts.
  4. 4. Are you running an event for the first time and have no event marketers in your team? We build and deliver marketing campaigns that help you reach your objectives using digital and live events.*

* When these will be run again.



Marketing B2B events – strategy to implementation

From defining the concept to implementing the marketing strategy, we deliver a target of attendees, revenue from ticket sales and sponsorship packages.

Lead generation and

We develop a strategy that generates relevant business leads for the sales team, with a proven interest and engagement in your company’s services.

Community management and digital strategy

We establish and increase your digital presence, helping you engage with your target audience, including senior level audiences.

Get a free consultation session

With so many events getting cancelled, it’s time to review your marketing strategy. Book a free, 30 minute session, where we review your options to continue generating leads, nurturing contacts and increasing revenue, even without events.

Why choose us?

Proven results

We’ve implemented marketing strategies for over 70 B2B events, with attendee numbers ranging from 100 to 13,000 business leaders, so we know the specifics of both small and big campaigns.

Diverse experience

We engage audiences in tech, HR, data, analytics, learning, business development, marketing, telecoms and education, being savvy in adapting campaigns to diverse C-level and senior audiences.

Data driven

We don’t rely just on our experience, but also on historical data and analytics to base our decisions on information. This how we ensure we set realistic targets and deliver them.


We run projects around the world, including:

  • B2B event marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Lead nurturing strategies
  • Community management
  • Digital marketing strategy

The projects we've worked for include:

Read the case study on audience acquisition for a tech event in USA or get in touch for more info on what we can develop together.


Event Marketing Stars were responsible for managing & running our annual UX Design Conference in London, they were able to successfully manage the conference from finding speakers, finding sponsors, audience acquisition, to running the conference on the day, I would recommend them and will be working with them again in the future.

Naveed Ratansi, CEO & Founder


Mobile UX London

It’s fantastic to be speaking to somebody about a particular idea you want to achieve and then end up with a much better result than you expected. Event Marketing Stars brought incredible level of effectiveness to this project and made the best use of our communication budget. The event was a complete success. EMS overachieved expectations, every single detail of their work was highly appreciated by our C-level participants & sponsors.

Andreea Nistor, Executive Director


AVE Romania

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B2B events delivered

We specialise in the tech and educational industry, having worked on B2B events in data, analytics, marketing, learning, design, UX, telecoms and NGOs.

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leads generated

We have helped generate marketing qualified and sales qualified leads across Europe, North America and Africa, contributing to increased revenue.

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revenue generated

We develop and implement strategies for B2B events, contributing to over £4,800,000 in revenue, generated from ticket sales and sponsorship packages.